* Perfect Nails*After a few months of using it I have to say

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Re: * Perfect Nails*After a few months of using it I have to say

Postby Beautyworld1admin » Fri Jul 08, 2011 5:16 am

Hi Michelle

There are two Perfect Nails agents on the Gold Coast.

Complete Beauty & Nail Supplies - 4/16 Township Dr, West Burleigh 07 5508 2220
Profile Salon Supplies - Unit 9/ 475 Scottsdale Dr, Varsity Lakes 07 5593 7200

All the best
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Re: * Perfect Nails*After a few months of using it I have to say

Postby Made by Marce » Thu Jan 24, 2013 1:07 am

Beautyworld1admin wrote:Hi to everyone

Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad to see that you are enjoying the products.

We've been doing Perfect Nails now for about 8 years and lots of the product development has come about because of feedback from clients. PN Gold Signature is the result of our own blended polymers that goes back to the input from Julie Simmons many years ago and we haven't changed the formula's since.

There are now some "extra's" in the Perfect Nails range.

1. Perfect Nails Coloured drops. We have an orange/red, aqua, violet and yellow in this range now. I'm working on a blue and a true red. The true red is the most difficult because officially in the USA/EU there isn't a red dye that is approved for cosmetic use that's a true red.
2. Perfect Nails acrylic range now has a Stark White polymer plus 3 cover polymers. Cover Pink ( opaque ), Cover Pink Nude and Cover Nude.
3. There are now 12 coloured polymers in the standard coloured polymer range instead of 8 after we added Milk Chocolate, Ripest Plum, Forest Green and Blue Sky Blue.
4. Perfect Nails Gold Signature system now has 3 cover polymers . Cover Pink ( opaque), Cover Pink Natural and Cover Natural.
5. JOSS Micro Glitters are now in stock. 12 colours x 5g tubs @ $57.50 incl GST. I'm sorry these aren't on the online store yet.

Things we are working on at the moment.
1. Ultra Clear polymer for PN and PN Gold Signature
2. Stark White polymer for Gold Signature system. We've tried one , but it needs some tweeking !
3. Acetone removable nail gels.
4. Translucent Micro Glitter - changes colour appearance according to the base colour over which it's applied.
5. Making our own nail files


Beautyworld Pty Ltd

Hi Ray,

Am currently trying to decide on an acrylic system to start my home business.

Is it possible to have samples mailed to me at all?

And a price list would be great also.

I am in WA.

I've read many good reviews about the Perfect Nails, GS and would be keen to try!

Look forward to your reply, or pls feel free to send me a PM.

Kind regards,
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