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Our move to a new webhost

PostPosted: Sat Feb 04, 2012 8:01 am
by spoony
Hi all

Apologies for the recent downtime. We have moved webhosts now (although it took longer than expected to get all our data off our old webhost). Hopefully the new webhost will be more robust.

Because we try to run Nailtips as independently as possible and we don't charge very much for advertising (and keep it to a minimum) consider nailtips as a volunteer effort. If we end up outgrowing this webhost as well then we will have to look at a way to generate a little more funds from nailtips to pay for more dedicated hosting.

We really appreciate your patience during this time and hope everything is working okay. I'm sure there'll be a few things that we still need to iron out from the move.


Paul (and Georgy :)

PS. One of the things that may not work properly for a little while is email to/from nailtips (notifications of private messages, or mail to addresses).