Pregnant and Working?

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Pregnant and Working?

Postby jumpyg » Wed May 02, 2007 8:45 pm

Pregnant and Working?

When discovering I was pregnant with my second child I had what felt like a million questions to do with how the nail chemicals I was using was going to effect my baby. No website could offer me definitive answers either way so I sought the advice of my doctor. She told me that in my case "leaving the chemicals alone for the first trimester would be a smart idea". It is absolutely crucial that you seek your own doctors opinion because they are aware of your health and how the nail chemicals could interact with you and your baby during pregnancy.

During my search for answers I did find lots of websites that offered advice about precautions Nail Technicians and nail clients should take during pregnancy. There is also information about nail chemicals and the studies that have been done so far. I hope you find the following articles and links useful.

Can I Work While I’m Pregnant? (Originally printed by Nails Magazine)

How Can You Determine if a Nail Salon's Chemicals Exposures Have Been Controlled by Levels That Are as Low as Possible? ... hnician%22

The Whole Nine Months

Cosmetic Products and Pregnancy, ... 06,00.html
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