Identification and description of common nail disorders and diseases.


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Pseudomonas, also known as "greenies", "green nails", and "water mould", is a bacterial infection that occurs on the nail plate between the nail plate and the artificial nail enhancement or between the nail bed and natural nail. This can be due to separation (lift or a crack) between the natural nail and the enhancement and is most often caused by inadequate sanitation of the nail plate or nail implements.

Water mould generally occurs when the acrylic lifts from the natural nail plate and moisture gets trapped in between. This causes the bacteria called Pseudomonas. The bacteria can be easily removed by removing the enhancement and rubbing the nail with an alcohol-based antiseptic. Any stain left will eventually grow out and can be safely trimmed. This bacteria is easily spread so single-use tools are advisable. Enhancements should not be applied until the bacteria has fully grown out. If the nail turns brown/black and there is pain associated with it, a doctors visit is essential.


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