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PostPosted: Mon Apr 30, 2018 9:58 pm
by Shenuel
Now that you know more about this icon, you have likely checked out some of her famed self-portraits. If you like them so much you could wear them, you’re in luck. The Window Shop Café offers a ton of Frida Kahlo accessories and décor.

The Frida Kahlo boots come in several varieties including a purple boot with an overlay of her self-portrait, or you can get a pair that features her self-portrait atop colorful and vibrant flowers. There are also other types of shoes like casual slip-ons, sneakers, and high tops.

If you want more than shoes, you can also find a playful sleeping mask featuring Kahlo’s signature eyebrows and eyes, a large leather tote bag, canvas bags, t-shirts, duvets, pillows, rugs, umbrellas, socks, phone cases, tapestries, purses, and laptop sleeves.

As you can see, The Window Shop Café has nearly anything you could need with the face of this famed painter plastered on it. They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. If you connect with Kahlo, why not wear her icon look wherever you go with Frida Kahlo boots and more!

For more information, or to shop for your own Frida Kahlo boots, décor, and accessories, visit Window Shop Café online at You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagramand Pinterest. You can also check out their FAQs here or why not get in touch with one of the team here.