Nail Photos for Critique

Are you ready for your nails to be critiqued? This is where you will receive constructive criticism on your nail photos.

Forum rules
The critiquers comment on the nails in the photo. Use below as a guide:
1. Point out what's working, and what's not. Be specific.
2. Point out some things that you think could make the nails better, or ask questions about areas that you are unsure of. Be specific.
3. Don't be afraid to make comments. Everyone knows something about nails. And you all know different things. You might know something that others don't, and your comments might be helpful.
4. While the critiquers comment, the nail artist reads and considers the comments on their own merits.
5. The artist thanks people for their comments. Don't argue them. You can, though, ask questions to clarify what the critiquer is seeing.
6. If a critiquer asks a question about your work or what you're trying to do, answer it the best you can.
7. From here the artist can edit their work accordingly from the constructive feedback they received or they can choose to ignore anything they don't agree with. The final judgment belongs to the nail artist that posted.
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