EzFlow Boogie + Pastel Kits IBD UV lamp etc etc

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EzFlow Boogie + Pastel Kits IBD UV lamp etc etc

Postby Angel » Tue Oct 22, 2013 10:17 am


I was a member here a little while ago and met some gorgeous people. Since then I have decided being a nail technician is not for me and since I find myself short in fund for Christmas gifts this year, I shall be selling some of the items I have.

Feel free to ask 'do you have this item for sale' because I very well might...

Right now I have:

EzFlow Pastel Flower Acrylic Kit (Barely used) $35
EzFlow Boogie nights Acrylic Kit (Barely used) $35
I have assorted powders and prep liquids etc too from IBD and Avolve
I have a IBD Jet 1000 curing lamp /w most of a gel starter kit (pink, white, clear, 2x red gels, prep liquids included) $200

Assorted tips
Avolve Microform 100 natural tips no well (10 missing from box)
white/plink playboy bunny full well tips
Purple/white flower airbrush full well tips
Nailparts 250 clear half well tips (10 missing from box)
Pack 50 Avolve size 1 natural full well tips (7 missing from packet)

Shipping or pick up will be from Mount Gravatt, Brisbane.
Feel free to PM me
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