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Do you want to advertise? Do you have nail items or services to buy, sell, or swap. Do you know of any special deals? Please advertise here.
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The Market Place was created to benefit members of the nail community. Is supports fair exchanges of products and services between members. Nail suppliers are welcome to promote their weekly/monthly specials.

About The Market Place

Postby jumpyg » Mon Apr 30, 2007 9:04 pm

Please Use this forum to advertise nail items or services that you want to buy, sell or swap. Leave your email address under your item so that people can contact you regarding this item. Feel free to also advertise legitimate nail specials that you are aware of. We all like a bargain!

Nail Tips Administration is in no way paid by companies to advertise their products but will share any knowledge of 'special deals' or 'bargains' from legitimate businesses.

Please note that Nail Tips will not take any responsibility for peoples own actions and inactions on this forum. The Market Place serves as a tool to link people together for a mutual purpose. Do the right thing and act responsibly :D

Repetitive 'junk' mail or 'spamming' from unidentified businesses will be removed.
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