which nail drill would you choose as your best nail drill fo

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which nail drill would you choose as your best nail drill fo

Postby Naillover » Tue May 15, 2012 4:21 pm

My nail drill package got lost in the subway couple days ago, which made me crazy for i have been out of doing nail care for almost a week! So i went to google and amazon to find some nail drill package for alternative. I found that there are some nail drills offered currently.
Some are very large in size but seem with old style but some just as small as a pen like the 6bit pen shape electric nail art file drill tool on http://www.amazon.com/USpicy-Electric-P ... f_se_p_t_4. As a nail art lover but for personal home use, which style would you recommend for a best nail drill?
The old style but large size one
The new fashion style and small size one
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Re: which nail drill would you choose as your best nail drill fo

Postby KCRileyGyer » Sat Jun 02, 2012 2:15 pm

I don't know anything about the larger of the two you have posted but I own the pen one shown...

While it is cheap, the speed dial is unreliable. Let me clarify... if you just move the dial in small increments to what seems to be the desired speed, very little seems to happen and you do not get the same speed when the dial is moved into the same position as before (which is guess work without any form of readout). This is something you may have to play with in order to understand.

What I do is move the dial so it is going faster than I need it then slowly drop it back to a speed I'm comfortable with.

Also, if you do buy this sort then buy one from Australia. I bought mine off eBay via an Asian group in Australia but I made sure the eBay page said it was Australian certified, with an Australian plug and had a year's warranty on it.

I bought my version of this as a filler until I can save up enough money to buy a better e-file. My personal preference is for a Kupa e-file. I would like the upower 2G which ranges between 395 to 500 USD but that is my choice. They have a nice selection of professional e-files.

But definitely research your choices. Most of what you find on eBay (if the item is a brand name - not necessarily the seller) will have a brand name website you can check out after googling their name.

This is the extent of my knowledge now and hope it has helped some :)

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