Need advice on hiring staff to share table in salon

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Need advice on hiring staff to share table in salon

Postby NailsAtMowHair » Tue Nov 27, 2012 8:29 pm

Hi, has anyone out there had experience with hiring a nail tech to share a table in a salon?
My husband and I own the salon, he is the hairdresser I'm the nail tech.
We are considering taking on an employee 2 days per wk. I will be working the table the other 3 days.
We are concerned about paying a wage and overheads and having the employee continue to work from home and not work on bringing in clients to cover costs or worse still, them using our salon to build their home business not ours.
We would rather not rent the table space.
Hoping anyone can enlighten us on the best way to go about this.
Or offer any experiences pro's and con's we can learn from.
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