Just starting out

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Just starting out

Postby Lingamae » Fri Aug 17, 2012 9:35 am

Hi everyone,
I'm brand new to Nailtips and was hoping to get some advice from people in the know. I've been dabbling in all things nails for years and finally have decided that nails are what I want to do, I'm about to embark on Cert II in Nail Technology but I want to get a head start and get the gear I need and just start practicing. I would like to know what are the must haves for someone starting out, the essentials, the good to have but not so essential and all of the in between too.
Also, I've been working at my kitchen table and its just uncomfortable, so I'm looking to spend a bit of money on a table (not too much hehe) I'm also unsure about which kind of ventilation is best, built in or desktop style.

Anyway, any help or advice for newbie would be greatly appreciated :)
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Re: Just starting out

Postby mrs pellow » Sat Aug 18, 2012 9:51 am

hey welcome
just to let you no that this forum isnt used much like it used to be. I dont no why.
Starting out is so much fun. You need your kit and a good table. Tables can be puchusred at beauty wholesalers but i use my solid wood writing table. good size and not to wide so i can easily do my clients nails. Look around at other places to for student tables at harvey norman etc. you dont have to spend heaps.
I did the very first time i had my salon at home and honestly you dont have to spend heaps and heaps of money.
As long as you got good light this isthe key so you can see what you are doing.
good saftey and hygeine practices.
practice and practice some more.
At this time im wanting to open my salon at home again, but after being out of the nail buisness my tecnique is a little sad.
so again i have just bought some cheap gels to practice with before purchursing my lish prof kit.

but this time im taking things slow and do a lot of preparing etc before im ready to do clients and earn money. But what you need from good wholesalers forget ebay..
good luck :D :D
mrs pellow
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Re: Just starting out

Postby Shards » Wed Sep 05, 2012 6:51 am

Don't make my mistake I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on utter crap :D loved every second of it though.. You just need a good brush I use the lish size 8 and pick a system I.e young nails .. Creative .. Lish.. I use young nails.. And when you have mastered a good set start adding glitter etc... Any desk you can both get your legs under comfortably is fine to start. Full colored nails are in so go for a couple of coloured gels to start a red is a must :D hope this helps
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