Always had this problem when applying acrylic

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Always had this problem when applying acrylic

Postby kathiny » Mon Jul 02, 2012 6:41 pm

I have been doing acrylics for a while now but I ALWAYS have this same issue. I clean my brushes well, and use fresh liquid and powder. I then prep the nails, dehydrate, prime, apply tips and then its ready for acrylic. The problem I have all the time is that when I apply the acrylic, I always have acrylic that wants to "run" and leak down into the cuticle. Looks nasty. And I always have a hard time making thicker nails. I had a client who specifically wanted a thick nail rather than the thinner ones I normally do and I just couldn't do it. When I tried to make her acrylic thicker, they ended up all lumpy and running into the cuticle.

I had to file them like crazy to make them look decent and was frustrating and took way too long.

I have tried squeegeeing the liquid out after I dunk the brush, I have tried just using less liquid, etc but all that succeeds in doing is making the powder dry and clumpy.

I'm missing something that I just can't place my finger on! So how do you make thicker nails and prevent the acrylic from running into the cuticle?
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Re: Always had this problem when applying acrylic

Postby mwaugh » Mon Jul 02, 2012 10:49 pm

Hi there, sounds like u need to find the correct ratio for the product ur using. Can I ask what brand u are using and also what size brush?
U can try and dip ur brush, wipe one side, turn the brush over so that the side with the most monomer goes into the powder, pick up ur bead, then wait a few seconds for all the powder to disappear.. if all powder doesnt disappear, ur brush is too dry.. if it wants to run and drop off ur brush its too wet. It should disappear in about 3 seconds but remain in a bead.
Once u got this down pat, place it on the nail, spread to side walls, wipe ur brush, and then pat. If its still running, pick up the bead as above, then when all powder is disolved, place the back of ur brush on the desk mat to drain out the excess monomer in ur brush before placing ur bead on the nail. That way u have the correct ratio, and dont add to it when ur moving it around on the nail from the monomer in ur brush. Let me know how u go.. :-)
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Re: Always had this problem when applying acrylic

Postby FingerNailFixer » Mon Feb 18, 2013 1:15 pm

The actual mix ratio will vary from company to company but this will give you ideas on how to adjust the ratio no matter what you use:
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