Disposable files

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Disposable files

Postby avacat » Fri Jun 08, 2012 12:58 pm

Hi all,

I am about halfway through my diploma in beauty therapy and i have started stocking up on things for my nail busniness ( will be working in a local salon, renting space so to speak)

I have seen and heard alot about these file packs that can be used and given to the customer to keep and bring back with them on their next visit or can be stored for use only on that client. The study materials all recommend disposable files etc rather than sanitising regular files for re-use.

What are some opinions on this? I rather like the young nails files i have and need to decide whether to purchase multiple sets of these to be sterilised between clients or to buy the disposable files to keep separate for each client?

Is there somewhere you can buy these file packs or do you just buy bulk emery boards and create the packs yourself?

Thanks for your time.
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