Nail Colleges & Important Questions

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Nail Colleges & Important Questions

Postby Made by Marce » Fri Jan 18, 2013 11:15 pm

Hi all,

I've been looking into doing this course for years and I think this may be my year!

However i am SOOO confused as to which course to go for (and money doesn't grow on trees for me either) 8)

Also, after shooting through several enquiries to all colleges I could find (am *new* in Perth)., I am possibly more confused than before!? :?

First of all.. Nationally Accredited Certificates.

I have been advised it's not legally required for Nail Techs, and Vivid told me so, but and The Nail Depot told me you need to reach a level a competency - :shock: What the heck does this mean exactly??

And as for taking out public liability insurance in order to work from home, The Nail Depot told me I COULD get it WITHOUT a nationally recognised certificate, yet The Perth College wrote me saying I can't UNLESS i have it.... :shock:

So who is right??? :cry:

I don't even know if i should get this? Would love to hear if all you pro-nail beauties have this if working from home?

Also, out of the 5 colleges I emailed, all told me different types of certificates are given upon completion, yet ALL also stated to be Nationally recognised..... :? Which i'm starting to think they all said so because there is no actual legislation currently in place.
These were their replies:

Australian College of Beauty Therapy - "You will receive a Certificate II in Nail Technology, yes it is a
nationally recognised qualification"
($1740) Uses "HAWLEY PROFESSIONAL" products (reviews???)

Perth College of Beauty Therapy - "Cert II, We are accredited and the qualification is recognised all throughout Australia"
($1770) Uses "KYRA" products. (never heard of?)

The Nail Depot - I am still unsure whether theirs is or isn't, they have confused me the most. In their reply:
You do not need to do an accredited course to be able to operate as a nail technician. However you must reach a level of competency in your training. As far as been able to operate a salon from home or open a salon you can get insurance.
:?: :?: :?:
($850) Uses "Ezflow" products.

Vivid Nails - offer both options, accredited and not accredited. However their (course) prices are over $1000 more than the rest! Even the non-accredited!! :o
($2875 for just a Cert of Achievement or $3185 for the accredited Cert II) Uses "ONS" Products.

TAFE - no reply to my email at all...

So, as you can see i'm in a bit of a pickle...

Would love to hear where you all studyied and what certificate you received (& if its nationally recognised/accredited?).
Or if anyone studyied at any of these places and what you thought of their training?

Some of these factors I may not need to be worrying about right now but I want to make sure I choose the correct course for me and ultimately when I do set up my business from home I will need to have the correct qualification for what I need.

Thanks SO much in advance.

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