What's your favorite nail file?

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What's your favorite nail file?

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Salon Emery Board
Wood Emery Board
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Metal Nail File
Crystal Glass Nail File
No File at all
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What's your favorite nail file?

Postby CSSTORM » Fri Apr 29, 2011 5:11 pm

How much do you know about Nail File?
• There are four sorts of nail file in normal: Wood Nail File, Salon Nail File (both of them are disposable nail file), Metal Nail File and Crystal Nail File (both of them are permanent nail file).
• What's the different between them?
Both wood nail file and salon nail file manage in different grit, such as: #120 #180 #240 #320, smaller grit means more coarser, meanwhile bigger grit means finner. They are disposable file so many com-panies like to use them as promotional gifts, and more use in salon house.
As to metal nail file, it will remind us stainless steel manicure set. If use stainless steel metal as material and you keep it clean and dry after use, it can be permanent file as well. Now there are many different design are available.

Crystal Nail File is a professional tool for nail care. Guarantees a high standard in hygiene; can be sterilized by heat, liquid, UV lighting or alcohol. Unlimited lifespan of the filing surface. Leaves your nails smoother and healthier. Regular use prevents nail from chipping, splitting or flaking.

There are two sorts of them: Normal Crystal Nail file and Permanent Nail File (Etching File).

You can feel and touch the emery on a Normal Nail File, because the emery sprayed on the surface of the file body. While a Permanent Nail File has its emery etched in the file, so the emery would never fall. And a Permanent Nail File is more transparent and clear, that's why it also called Crystal Nail File. Now crystal nail file inlay with Swarovski Crystal is very popular!

So what's your favorite file?
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