Home Care Guide for Acrylic Nails

Home care guidelines for manicures, acrylic and gel applications.

Home Care Guide for Acrylic Nails

Postby jumpyg » Mon Apr 30, 2007 9:15 pm

Home Care Guide for Acrylic Nails

1. Oil nails twice a day to maintain flexibility. Acrylic that is allowed to become brittle will crack and break. The application of oil will also penetrate the cuticle for healthier skin and promote nail growth.

2. Do not use severe or repetitive pressure on the nail tip as it will lead to cracks that can result in a full break.

3. If repairing a broken tip, use the following procedures:

• Clean and dry the nail and tip (preventing bacteria)
• Apply glue to the broken area and wipe excess with a paper towel
• After glue dries, use a white block buffer to smooth out area
• Re-apply colour and topcoat

4. If lifting occurs use the procedure as follows:

• Use a 240-grit file to remove rough edges and blend any lifting into the nail plate
• Holding the file flat to the lifted area, gently file in the direction of the lifted material until the area of lift is removed
• Do not over-file as it removes vital layers of natural nail
• Reseal the product by massaging a drop of oil into the nail surface then buff to a dull (360-grit file) or high shine (3-way buffer)
• Do not attempt to glue the area of lift because most glues are not moisture resistant and may trap bacteria between the nail and overly

5. Do not leave hands in harsh chemicals such as cleaning products. Ensure you wear gloves when gardening, washing the dishes, and cleaning.

6. Do not leave hands in water for a long period of time. Water eventually breaks down the whole acrylic nail (with adhesion). Applying hand cream after washing hands will also help keep skin healthy and nails flexible.

7. Use non-acetone nail polish remover if removing nail polish. If changing your nail colour follow these steps:

• Wash hands with antibacterial soap
• Apply cuticle oil or hand cream to the nail surface and massage into the cuticles and overlay
• Gentle push back cuticles with an orange stick cuticle stick or sanitized cuticle pusher
• Remove polish with a non-acetone nail polish remover
• Apply one thin coat of base coat, two coats of colour, and one topcoat
• Allow enough drying time

8. If your nails become too long between appointments, shorten the length with a 240-grit file.

9. To prevent the spread of communicable or infectious diseases, never share your files or implements with others, whether at home or in the salon.

10. Ensure you make your nail appointments between every 2-3 weeks. This will ensure your nails maintain their look and strength.

If in doubt with any of the above contact your technician and make an appointment 
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